Saturday, February 23, 2013

04:03 dream

It's 04:03 am in Bandung and i just woke up. At the first time, i go to bathroom because i like to pee,and then just open up fb, twitter and blog, and decided to write down something.

But first of all, i would like to ask myself about how's my feeling? Yeah,how i feel waking up pretty early like this?
I feel just fine. And i remember a dream i just had before i woke up. 

I was dream about my friend,a young most talented director that i never meet before. In my dream we're just talking about things using a chat room which could lead us into another windows. Then i woke up and i hear my mom, lock the kitchen's door. Perhaps she took another plain water to drink.

I just remember about a song named Sandman by The Chordettes. If i could, i would put the song here. I would like to thank Mr. Sandman to bring me that dream :) 

Enjoy everybody! :)

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