Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Third Post

Today is election day for west java region in indonesia. My hope for west java is the new governor will work as serious as Mr. Jokowi, Jakarta's governor. I really wish a day by day progress and working and public must know about it. 

Well,nothing special about this election,until my mom fell because she didn't realise there is a stair. She's too busy to read the election announcement, so she didn't realise about that stair. Only one stair, and my mom is alright, thank God.

My internet was shut down today! I can't update my blog like ussual. Maybe the election use internet service, so its give some distraction to open facebook,blogger, etc.

Or, maybe it's time for me to take seriously about my study. Now i study on Indonesia Open University and my major is Departement of English for Translation. I'm on semester 8 and i supposed to finish all of subject in a year and half or maybe two years on the worst case. I must in a hurry because normally,everybody will finish their study in 8 semester.

I was postponed my study for 3 semester. So i must chasing all subject in two semester, so i can get my final assignment program and it seems that i have to make a paper for last assignment. Well, i don't know about this. Still not sure about it but,what the hell..just move forward and never look back!

So, until we meet again :)

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